Tan Babe Exfoliating Mitt


Exfoliating Mitt – I'll help you when you're feeling rough

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Product Description

TAN BABE exfoliate me

Exfoliating Mitt

I’ll help you when you’re feeling rough

Directions for Use

Get your shower on then place your hand inside me and gently circulate over your body to remove existing residual fake tan or dead cells to prepare your skin for the next application. I’ll have you polished and prepped in no time, babe.

We recommend exfoliating using our TAN BABE Exfoliating Mitt 1-2 days prior to applying our tanning mousse or professional spray tan solution.  Tan solution cannot adhere to freshly exfoliated skin and if you apply solution immediately after exfoliating, your tan will be uneven, patchy and may result in no change of your skin colour.  You can chuck me in the washing machine, babe.





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