Who We Are

Petrina is a babe on a mission. At 14, she made her own instant tan by mixing Hawaiian Tropic with hair dye, turning her fair skin a dark shade of rust. Ever since that experiment she’s been looking for the ultimate tanning care products.

As a former owner of Auckland’s busiest tanning salon, and with 15 years’ experience as a tanning professional, Petrina knows all about skin reactions, chemicals and what works and what doesn’t. But despite her knowledge and research, she couldn’t find the perfect tanning product.

“I’ve worked with some great ranges over the years, but I wanted something that ticks all the boxes; no smell, no staining, no nasty chemicals and no stickiness. After struggling for years to find the perfect product I decided to make it myself.”

Working with a top scientist, Petrina has created Tan Babe, a range of luxurious, organic, vegan, cruelty free and perfectly formulated tanning care products.

“With Tan Babe you don’t have to worry about getting the wrong shade, or the length of time it takes, that god awful stickiness or staining your clothes and sheets. The Tan Babe range suits all babes.”

Petrina is especially concerned about the use of chemicals in beauty care products in an industry that is largely unregulated and has designed the whole Tan Babe range free from nasty chemicals and parabens.

“I wanted to make a product range that not only looks and feels great, but doesn’t cause any harm to your body.”

Contact Petrina

All enquiries can be sent to info@tanbabe.co.nz

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